Towers of Ra! is in the playtest stage of development. There’s still some fine tuning to do before it is ready for Kickstarter release. Find out more about how to play Towers of Ra! below.

If you have a regular board game group and would like a chance to playtest Towers of Ra! and offer feedback, feel free to send us an email.

Each night for eternity Ra and the snake-god of chaos Apophis have been battling for the sun to rise in the morning, but this time Ra is on the brink of defeat and has called for help to end the chaos Apophis aims to bring.

In Towers of Ra! you work together to save not only Egypt but the entire universe from Apophis as he persists to swallow the sun, allowing the underworld to take over the land and the sky, plunging all of humankind and the gods they worship into permanent night. Working together, can you place the four temples needed to help Ra regain control of the sun before Apophis destroys your attempts and the Towers of Ra crumble?

Players take turns completing rounds, drawing a card, then placing a card, meeple statue or temple piece on the tower. Towers of Ra! ends when either; all four Temple Pieces are placed successfully, at which point all players win the game, saving Ra and defeating Apophis! or any game piece falls from the tower and hits the playing surface, at which point all players lose the game and the Earth falls into perpetual night!

1 - 8 Players

10 - 20 Minutes

14 Years +

Will you be able to place the fourth Temple before the Tower collapses?

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