Salvage Hidden Treasures

Kickstarter funded 210% in 2020

Salvage Hidden Treasures box cover
Salvage Hidden Treasures box cover

2 - 4 Players

45 - 60 Minutes

14 Years +

Welcome to Salvage Hidden Treasures the board game where you take the helm as Salvage Ship Captains aboard the treacherous high seas. Throughout 16 rounds, you and your rivals will discover and salvage treasure from the depths of the ocean. When the game is up the captain with the biggest haul of treasure will claim victory.

Easy – except within the seven seas are pirates, sharks and other hazards lurking in the depths. A clever combination of strategy and good fortune will score you treasures that swing the odds in your favour and ruin the hopes of your rivals.

Dive into Salvage Hidden Treasures; there’s treasure waiting to be found!

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In November 2020, Salvage Hidden Treasures went from dream to reality as we successfully funded on Kickstarter. We are so thankful to our 176 backers and everyone who helped us along the way to publish our first board game.

Screen printing blue logo onto Salvage Hidden Treasures crew t-shirt
Salvage Hidden Treasures crew t-shirt
Aerial shot of gameplay
Game setup

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