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As daring explorers, players will navigate the varying terrains of Isla in search for undiscovered species of flora, fauna and fossils. Players will collect knowledge of these curious specimens to aid in their research. Navigating Isla can be tricky, and so a careful path must be trodden to ensure that enough of the island is explored without running out of energy and supplies. Those who find themselves unable to carry on will be left behind, however those who manage to get home and show the whole world what wonders Isla holds will be highly celebrated!


Kickstarter launch Late Summer 2024

Navigate carefully to discover Isla’s flora, fauna, and fossils. Play with 1-5 players.

1 - 5 Players

30 - 45 Minutes

8 Years +

what flora, fauna and fossils will we discover?

The game is played through a series of rounds. Each round, players plan their day choosing to rest, move or research. One player will roll all 5 movement dice, picking up a threat card if they rolled a 1. Players who chose to rest recover their lowest value die, those who chose to explore can select a die result to explore Isla, and those who chose to research will select a card from the pool showing the flora, fauna or fossil they’ve discovered to earn themselves victory points.

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