Coming to Kickstarter late 2022

Draw your journey across Isla, discovering the island’s famous flora, fauna, and fossils. Following the end of your travels, if you’ve explored more of the jungle and discovered lots of species you’ll earn yourself international prestige. In contrast, areas unexplored will tarnish your reputation. When everyone has finished exploring the island, the explorer with the highest victory points wins.

The game is played through a series of rounds. Each round, players plan their day choosing to rest, move or research. One player will roll all 5 movement dice, players who chose to move can select a die result to explore Isla, those who rest can recover their lowest value die, and those who chose to research will select a card showing the flora, fauna or fossil they’ve discovered to earn themselves reputation points. But it’s not so easy, the further you travel through the jungle, you may stumble over a branch, pick up a poisonous plant or discover you may not be alone on the island. As explorers, you are tasked with researching the species you discover so hurry before someone else claims the discovery!

An explorative roll and write game in which players uncover the mysteries of a curious island whilst battling exhaustion.

1 - 4 Players

30 - 60 Minutes

14 Years +

Will you discover the most flora, fauna and fossils on Isla?

Mock up of the board game Isla
isla timeline image

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